“Moving” Collages

IMG_1886IMG_1888IMG_1738IMG_1741IMG_1742IMG_1744IMG_2320IMG_2321IMG_2323IMG_2334IMG_2335IMG_2336IMG_2359IMG_2360We have been studying the principles of art in class, and this month we took a closer look at movement in famous art pieces. Students explored artists’ use of shape, space, and color through a visual thinking strategy to inspire and give their own work a sense of direction.

The next week, everyone got to work cutting shapes out of tissue paper and creating layered patterns with Mod Podge on 8″x10′ canvasses. Once this step was complete, students worked with a partner to decide which pose they wanted photographed and partners helped decide how that pose could demonstrate a particular movement across the canvass. Last week, students completed the final step of this project by using their photo as a template to cut out additional shapes of themselves.

Finally, we played around with form using their cut outs until students were happy with the movement on the canvas. They used one final coat of Mod Podge to complete their work! We will be submitting them to the Treetop Gallery for the Young Masters Youth Exhibition, which will be displayed from February 28th through March 31st.

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