Colony “Balloons”

This year’s history theme is American history and students have spent the last couple of months digging into our nation’s past by learning all about the 13 original colonies. To create colony “balloons,” students broke into groups of 2 and were assigned one of the original 13 colonies to do some research on with a graphic organizer. They used several suggested websites, an article I provided for them, and their history books to research with reliable sources.

Everyone then drew the outline of their colony on a large piece of white butcher paper. Drawing their colony to scale wasn’t a requirement; they needed them to be large enough to show all the required information. They found ways to use pictures and diagrams to show what they had learned about the colony and on the back, groups worked together to write a paragraph summarizing the most important parts of the history of the colony.

When groups were done, they used shredded paper from the office and stapled their project shut. They look so great hanging up in our classroom!




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