Greek Mythology Tile Mural

5th and 6th grade has been working hard over the past month on a ceramics project with Mrs. Becker. Since our class loved learning Greek Myths through read aloud this year, we planned to have students create a mural for a campus beautification project. Students spent a morning after thinking of a design for their tiles that would be simple and representative of the character from a myth of their choosing. They carefully drew their design on a paper and then traced it in washable marker so that it could easily transfer to the tile.

When Mrs. Becker came into class with blank slabs ready for construction, everyone was excited to work! Two weeks ago, she students spent their time adding layers of colored slip. After they were dry, they were ready for Mrs. Becker’s kiln at home! Yesterday she brought in our final pieces and everyone loved seeing the final results. We spent the afternoon reflecting about the ceramics unit and giving students praise for their tiles.



1 thought on “Greek Mythology Tile Mural

  1. Angelina Brouillette

    What a wonderful project! It was so amazing to see all of the ingenuity that went into every individual tile! Thank you Ms. Miranda and Ms. Becker!



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