U.C. Merced Visit

5th and 6th graders had a special learning opportunity last Friday at U.C. Merced. Dr. Caroline Frank along with two of her graduate students, Jackie and Paola, planned a 3-part field trip which included many engaging activities.

After being treated to a morning snack at the university cafeteria, the class went on a one-hour campus tour lead by two university students. We toured the dormitories and apartments, cafeteria, gymnasium, and recreation rooms. 5th and 6th graders loved experiencing a day in a life of a college student!

Later, we were were treated to a delicious lunch and enjoyed a picnic in the sunshine. A couple college students joined us for lunch and S.F.C.S. students loved chatting with them about their university experiences, such as studying abroad. Once our bellies were full of turkey sandwiches and apples, we split up into two groups.

One group, led by Dr. Frank, brought us to her research lab where we stopped at nine different areas in the lab. Each location taught us something new about DNA extraction, microbial symbiosis, Dr. Frank’s specific research, and other interesting concepts. At each stop, students answered challenging trivia questions. The three winning groups received a prize.

All students experienced an engaging hands-on activity in the other group. In a science experiment prepared by Jackie and Paola, students paired up with a partner to extract DNA from either a banana, strawberry, or blueberries. Not only did we learn about DNA extraction, we also learned about the importance of always questioning the world around us.

A huge thank you to Dr. Frank for making this rare and exciting field trip possible!


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