Clay Class Lately

Mrs. Becker’s second visit to Room 5 was packed full of fun tasks with clay. Students added colored slip to their very fragile greenware (unfired clay) pinch pot animals. On her next visit, Mrs. Becker gave a great demo on making slabs from a ball of clay. Soon after, students got to work creating their own functional or aesthetic slab piece. They had fun using textured bits that were found in nature at their recess to create impressions on their slabs. That same day, students added colored slip to their slabs and we sent both the pinch pot animals and the colored slip home with Mrs. Becker to fire in her kiln.

Her fourth time to our classroom our most simple day with clay yet; we added clear glaze to our bisqueware (clay that’s been fired once) and sent our pieces home with Mrs. Becker for its second and final time in the kiln. She delivered them to Room 5 last week and everyone was overjoyed to see the final results. We spent time on a “gallery walk” around the classroom, looking at everyone’s work and then discussed and gave shout outs to students whose art stood out.


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