Learning to Cite Text Evidence

5th Graders just finished reading the short story, “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury. They are also learning to respond to questions about literature with an acronym, R.A.C.E.

To help engage their learning through this writing process, Room 5 turned into a courthouse today as 5th graders took on the roles as lawyers supporting different sides of the story. These “sides” of the story helped them understand what a writer’s claim is. One group’s claim defended the two children of the story for a crime, another group attempted to blame them, and the third lawyer group tried defending the children and the parents by claiming that technology was at fault for the crimes.

I played the part of the honorable judge Miranda and Mr. Putonen played the role of police officer. He maintained order in the court and made witnesses swear to tell the truth.

6th graders had a special role in the court today, too. They refreshed their memory this week by rereading the story (they studied this story last year) and acted as the members of the jury. Some 6th graders took on roles as a witness and the two children pleading not-guilty.

It was a fun way for students to learn the importance of citing evidence in their writing responses!

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