Becoming Stonger Writers

5th and 6th graders are becoming better writers every day! We start our writers workshop off in the mornings by learning different writing techniques such as showing character emotions through description, action, and dialogue, stretching out small moments into paragraphs, developing goals for ourselves as writers, assessing our writing according to rubrics, thinking of special moments in our lives to write about, and much more! After a short mini lesson, students get busy working on their work.

While students work on their writing, three students get to have personal one-on-one conferences with me. During these conferences, we work on applying the learned writing strategies in their own writing and we spend time revising their work. We also work together to fix spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. At this point in the year, we are working on narratives. In the winter, we will be writing opinion and informative pieces. Everyone is looking forward to our next “Writing Celebration,” when students get a treat and get to listen to everyone’s published (edited, revised, and typed) pieces.

Our weekly word study also helps students with reading and writing. Each week, students learn five Greek and Latin roots, five prefixes and suffixes, or five synonyms for overused words. When they are finished studying that week’s words, the new words (or prefixes, suffixes, or roots) get posted to our word wall so that everyone can continue accessing them while writing and reading new words.

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