Completed Art, Cells and Fungi, and Writing Workshop 

Everyone has completed their Wildflower art and tomorrow I will be mailing them off to the The Ansley Adams Gallery in Yosemite for the Gateway Expressions Art Contest. 

5th and 6th graders have been working hard during the month of September on their writing. They have explored different types of writing such as poetry, descriptive writing, narratives, writing instructions, and more. Each have had conferences with me weekly to discuss different strategies and improve skills. Yesterday we had our first “writing celebration,” where each student shared a piece of “published” (edited, revised, and typed) writing. We got to enjoy a treat in class and listed to fabulous examples of writing across the class. Next month, we will be exploring personal narratives, character development, and vingettes. 

Today two special people from U.C. Merced visited Room 5. As a part of a collaboration between U.C. Merced professor Caroline Frank and myself, Room 5 will be learning all about beneficial microbes and their place in our bodies and in our environment. For our first lesson, Carolin and her grad student, Paola, brought stereoscopes, slides of cells, and Petri dishes with bacteria and fungi. Students loved looking through the microscope and drawing what they observed. Next week, we will be exploring the effect of antibacterial soap on microbes as we discuss the scientific method and perform and experiment. We are all looking forward to it! 

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