Self Portraits in Room 5

Each year in 5th and 6th grade, students make self-portraits that remain on a bulletin board all year. Last year, we used artist Chuck Close as our inspiration. This year we looked at artist Andy Warhol and tried to replicate his style by tracing the major lines of our face from a picture and creating simple stamps out by tracing the same lines on foam squares.

The class had fun making the stamps! Later we used special tools such as an ink roller and thick and colorful stamping paint as the last step. It was a lengthy and messy process, but the everyone was proud of the final results as they would have made Mr. Warhol proud!

We learned this stamping technique with Anna Friedland from the Mariposa Arts Council last year when she visited our class through the Artists in the School Program. Our class is so grateful to learn new art skills from artists like her!

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