Literature discussions and stylized food chain art

This week was our first full week and a great opportunity to have a class discussion about a short story by Ray Bradbury that forced the students to use inquiry and learn about text evidence. It went very well and the class loved talking as a group, then coming up to write their opinions on the board. 

To begin our first science unit, a unit on ecosystems, we’ve been discussing food webs and interconnectedness. After this introductory discussion and explaining how to navigate the site they were using for research, the class grabbed Chromebooks and got to work filling out a guide that helped narrow down a specific food chain in nature. They were then introduced to examples of stylized art by looking at examples of it in the media and advertisements. We then combined these two subjects into one to create stylized art with the specific food web they had just finished researching. It was a great lesson and fun for everyone! 

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