Stop Motion and Vexillology 

We have been making short stop motion films in class the past week. By working alone or in partners, students have come up with simple plots that show compassion. If we are finished with them in time, we may be able to show them for our Core Virtues presentation. Students thought of the setting for their story and created a visual representation of their setting for their background. Once finished with their backgrounds, students cut out several characters and took at least 60 pictures which show movement and tell their simple plot. We are excited to see them all finished!

Anna Friedland from the Arts Council has visited our classroom twice this month. During her most recent visit, she taught Room 5 about Vexillology- the scientific study of flags and emblems. We studied flag design for different countries, states, and counties. We learned that good flag design: 

  1. Has a simple design which can be recognized when waving in the air
  2. Has two or three basic colors which are usually symbolic 
  3. Has images that are meaningful or symbolic
  4. Sometimes tells a story
  5. Is balanced and symmetric 

Students were then giving the opportunity to create a flag for Maripsoa County. They turned out great!  


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