Project Progress & John Muir Laws Book Ratios

We are knee-deep in projects right now in class and are also trying our best to memorize all of our lines and blocking for our Mythology Play on April 11th. We are almost finished with the two major projects that we’ve been working on since the middle of February. One is our Earth Science flap book. Students have been annotating notes from science articles, researching on a Natgeo for kids Website, and watching short videos that help to reinforce understanding of the reading. They each have time in class to illustrate what they have learned from the three sources in class. Colorful pages are added onto their “flap-books” which are almost complete!

If you step into Room 5 in the afternoons, you may think you’ve walked into an Ancient Egyptian Museum. We started this project by tracing “mummy” bodies and crisscrossed arms on brown paper. The class then learned how to write hieroglyphics and picked a sentence or two to write on their mummies. Everyone had fun learning how to write in “code.” These mummies should be completed by next week.

Ms. Swarth has been using the John Muir Laws books in math to determine ratios in nature. Students counted the number of different species of animals to find percents and ratios in diversity in the Sierras.  They compared numbers of mammals, birds, insects, fish, reptiles and amphibians.  They also went in depth into mammal diversity, comparing abundance of mole, vole, squirrel, cats, foxes, etc.


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