Usborne Books and New Ancient Egypt Project

5th and 6th graders are happy to have new colorful Usborne math reference books in our classroom. They love using them to help understand new concepts as they work independently. Our classroom also received a new science human life science book! 


A new project in class involves combining history, language arts, and visual arts. Last week during our reading centers, our class researched and discussed the embalming practices that were used in Ancient Egypt. Did you know that the underworld was where the Egyptians actually wanted to go and that the heart was usually kept inside the body, but all other organs were removed? Have you heard of the Egyptian’s unique way of removing the brains? Finding out might shock you! Talk to your child about what he or she read about in class. Later, everyone got into groups to trace bodies and hands in “mummy” formation. We then looked at pictures of renovated mummy cases to take note of typical designs and drawings. Today, we had fun adding patterns and images of Egyptian gods to mummy cases.   



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