Final Drafts and Starting Our Chuck Close Art Pieces

Our class has been working on mythical narratives over the past month. We spent two weeks studying Greek Myths and noticed how each of them explain something in nature. Each student thought of his or her own mythical narrative and got to work on a rough draft. The next week was spent editing writing with partners and finally this week, each student finished typing stories in Google Docs and created a brilliant cover to place on top. They look great!   
This week, we’ve been studying artist Chuck Close. He is known for his portrait drawing with collage symbols. On Monday, we took a look at his work and everyone got their picture taken. After everyone got their picture printed and enlarged, they traced the major lines in their faces and then retraced them on nicer paper. Each student divided his or her face into 1-inch squares and drew symbols in each block. We are now using colored pencils to add detail. Keep a look out for finished pieces next week!  




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