Mythical Narratives, Yoga, and Smoothies in the Garden

Over the past 3 weeks the class has been studying characteristics of stories and plot lines. Each student created a mythical narrative that explains something about nature. Some creative stories include: “Why Trees Have Bark,” “Why the Earth Spins,” and “Why Eclipses Happen.” Almost all students are finished with their rough drafts and they are now moving on to their final drafts on Google Docs. We are also creating colorful covers for their story this week. 

Last week Yoga started again with our wonderful volunteer, Jon-Paul. The 5th and 6th graders were happy to get out there and stretch and focus on their breath again!  

Today in Garden Class, Ms. Swarth is making smoothies with the 5th and 6th grade! They are called Rainbow Smoothies because of all the colorful fruits and vegetables that go in them. Everyone gave a happy smoothie smile this afternoon.  


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