Yosemite, Cell Models, and Pumpkin Art

Yesterday’s Yosemite field trip was rainy but beautiful! After attending the 125th Anniversary Celebration, our class enjoyed a sunny picnic in Ahwahnee Meadow. Then we headed to The Ahwahnee Hotel where I gave them a tour. There were a lot of “oohs and ahhs!” 

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working hard in groups to create models of plant and animal cells. We started by learning all the vocabulary and acted out skits. Then students walked through  the storage room in search of objects that could be reused as organelles in  their cell models. We found all sorts of goodies like styrofoam balls, ribbon, plastic containers and more!  Each group got right to work constructing their models. They are finally finished and groups will be presenting them to the class on Monday.  

We got festive and into the fall spirit by making watercolor pumpkins using liquid glue as a resistor. After the watercolor dried, students outlines all the color blobs with Sharpie. They look so great on the wall and make everyone more excited for the cold weather to come!


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