Cooking with Ms. Swarth, Final Draft of Poems, Greek Mythology, and an Art Sneak Peek! 

  Last Friday, Ms. Swarth brought in cooking supplies, which included electric woks, child-safe plastic knives and bowls, that she bought through Donor’s Choose funding. Students had a blast making chard stir fry with onions, walnuts, and raisins. Some students had never experienced the tears that came with chopping onions! The whole room smelled of freshly chopped onion. Ms. Swarth made the whole class cry!! 
    Our first writing piece is complete. Check them out!
  Greek Mythology seems to be a big hit in class! We are reading and studying myths this week and next. Soon, students will begin writing their own narrative. They will have to write, memorize, and story-tell their own creation myth. This should take 1 month. 
   Here is a sneak peek of some completed Yosemite Wildflower Art! More pictures will be published when the whole class is finished.

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