Reading Buddies and Ratio Art

IMG_3109 IMG_3111 IMG_3114 IMG_3126

Yesterday, we paired up with the TK/K class and every student got his or her own reading buddy. We will be meeting with our buddies once a week on Thursdays. This week, buddies got to know each other through self-portraits which the 5th and 6th grades later turned into cards. The younger buddies loved receiving their cards as presents this morning!


Today we began our art project which will be entered into the Yosemite Gateway art competition. The students divided pictures of Yosemite wildflowers and are learning about ratios and proportions. So far, they have drawn the outlines of their image and will soon trace them in Sharpies. We will be finishing the project next week when they add colorful oil pastels to their drawings. We can’t wait to see them complete!

Next week homework will begin. Students will receive their homework packets on Monday. On the packet’s front page, you will learn more about our Science Cell Project. Keep a look out!

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