Amphitheater Progress, National Park Reports, Oil Spill/Water Unit, and Field Trips

Amphitheater Progress:
Ms. Milazzo worked with the Mt. Bullion Fire Crew again last Friday when school was not in session. They were able to dig a trench and complete more sandbags. The amphitheater now has several rows of sandbags! The students are working so hard!

image image image image

National Park Reports:

Each student has been working on a national park report to create a mini diorama. This is improving geographical knowledge, research skills, and sparks interest in geology. The due date for this is June 8th.

Water Unit

This week, we’ve been exploring ways to clean and contain oil during an oil spill. Students made mini booms out of yarn and rubberbands. They also tried to remove the oil with items such as: spoons, felt, and coffee filters. We will be working on the lab sheets more this week.



I will not be making reminder phone calls to parents whose child has not brought a permission slip. 5th and 6th graders need to be responsible for this. Students who do not have permission slips will not be going.

Briceburg field trip this Friday, May 29th.
Yosemite field trip next Thursday, June 4th.
Lake McClure field trip Thursday, JUNE 11th.

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