Math Art Continued and Ph Testing

Last week’s SBAC testing was exhausting for everyone! Everyone seemed to try their hardest and we celebrated being finished with a relaxing day on Friday. Our next round of testing is for the 5th graders. A note already went home, but in case you didn’t get a peek at it, 5th graders will be taking their science CSTs next Tuesday and Wednesday, the 19th and 20th. 

We were bummed to have to postpone our Yosemite field trip due to the rain last week, but are also delighted the high country got some well-needed snow! Our new tentative date for the Yosemite field trip in June 4th, but I will send home new permission slips to let you all know soon.

Our end-of-the-year string art project is making great strides! All students are done priming and painting their boards and they are working on evenly spacing the lines on their grids for the placement of nails. As of today, 5 students have moved onto the next step of hammering and nailing. They are doing this step in partners and are using long-nose pliers for safety. They look great!

In science, we’re learning about the importance of PH for water and soil testing. Today, students went around the classroom using PH strips to test basic and acidic soil samples that were. Then they tested 4 areas on campus. Good results- the school’s water is safe to drink! Next week, we’ll be diving even further into our water unit!

We are also starting a mini-unit in language arts about National Parks. Each student will be creating a small diorama about a Park of his or her choosing.


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