Water Science Fun

The week back after Spring Break had us jumping right back into our science unit. The day before break started, we discussed water desalination and it’s relation to the California drought. Students created their own salt water stills and knew that we’d be checking them after break to see which group’s still created the most fresh water. Almost everyone’s still was a success. Those who were not successful have a plan for redesign.

Ms. Milazzo gave a presentation with a watershed model. She is very knowledgeable on our water unit and has been so helpful with discussions. Students created their own point-source and non-point source pollution on the model, which represented a town near a watershed. After, we created a class bulletin from construction paper. It shows pollution and solutions to the pollution. We will be continuing a bunch of water science in the next few weeks!

Our Yosemite field trip will be on Thursday, May 8th which is the same week we will be starting our SBAC testing in language arts and math. During this field trip, we will be discussing the Upper Merced River Watershed. It will be the first of 3 field trips that surround our study of local water sources.




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