Field Trip Fun and Sundials

This week brought two field trips. On Wednesday, the 5th through 8th grade went to Mariposa High School for the mile run. It was nice and sunny and a great start to the day. Most students were excited to have beat their time from last year. On Friday, the 5th through 8th grade adventured off-campus again, only this time we went separate ways. Our class spent the morning at Golden Valley High School where we watched Merced High perform historical monologues. We were able to get inspiration for our Wax Museum next Wednesay. It was fun to talk to Julie Ransom, the theater teacher who directed the “History Talks” performance, about how she created the project from start to finish. We have had very similar teacher experiences! The students loved meeting the high school students, who sat with them during the play. During breaks, they got to share what it was like writing and memorizing monologues. We got to meet such historical figures as Ceasar Chaves, Rosie the Riveter, and Deborah Sampson.

After the performance, we hopped on the bus again and headed to Fahren’s park. We ate lunch and then met up with 3 Parks and Recreation volunteers who showed the class the basics for disc-golf. After some practice time, all students felt more confident about their ability to aim the discs toward the baskets. We split up into teams and played the course for around an hour. In the end, our lovely volunteers gave each student the disc he or she had been playing with! Everyone was thrilled to take home a souvenir!

On Tuesday, we concluded our Earth Science presentations. Cali and Trevor gave an excellent presentation on sun dials.

Our Wax Museum is this Wednesday, the 25th at 1:00. Parents can show up any time between 1:00-2:30. We expect it will take around 30 minutes or so to hear from all the “statues.” We look forward to your visit!

image image image image image image image image image image image

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