Service Learning Progress, Earth Science Presentations, and Finished Art Project

Last week, nothing very noteworthy happened because our focus was getting through benchmark tests, but this week, we’ve been back into the swing of things and so much is getting done!

Ms. Milazzo has been making so much progress with the aphitheater service learning project. Since no students were on campus last Friday, she was able to take advantage of the hard-working Mount Bullion Labor Crew. They leveled the steps and get it ready for our next step: sandbags. The ball is really rolling now on this project!

Several groups have given presentations and organized engaging activities for learning about Earth Science. We will conclude these projects soon.

Our Alice in Wonderland reading unit is over, and the students are finished with their art projects. Earlier this week, they cut out and glued on their pictures to add even more personality to the one-point perspective drawings. They look brilliant on the art wall in class. It’s easy to get sucked into these peices! This week in art, with St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, we started learning how to draw Celtic knots so that we can begin a new project next week. We’re all looking forward to beginning another piece.

We are on the final stages of both the Science Fair Projects and our Wax Museum Project. Our presentation boards are almost complete, except for the final conclusions and gluing on the data charts. The wax musuem characters are all ready to go! Just about everyone has his or her monologue memorized and most people have a costume picked out. March has been a very busy month so far!

image image image image image image image


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