Kiln Results, Merced Sun Star Article, Guest Speakers, and New Literature Unit

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Good news- Debbie Croft with The Merced Sun Star wrote a lovely column about our kiln project. Check it out below:

Last week, two guest speakers helped add to what we are learning in class. All students are working hard writing their monologues for the Wax Museum. Deborah Salonen made her second appearance in our class this year. This time, she talked to all of us about writing through another person’s point of view. She told us about the things she considers when studying one of her own characters. She says sometimes she gets to know one of her fictional characters so much, her dreams have taken on the point of view of her characters. After some time, the students took turns interviewing one another from their character’s point of view. Everyone asked questions like: What motivates you to do what you do? How does it feel to be putting yourself at risk?

The next day, monologues came flowing out of each student. They are nearly finished. Costumes are starting to come together, too, thanks to Ms. Milazzo who brought in a wardrobe of possibilities! We have four more weeks to prepare.

Denisha Dawson also came into class this week. She helped to assist our learning of physical changes vs. chemical changes and the characteristics of clay. All students loved examining the silicates she brought in to share!

In language arts, we are preparing for an Alice in Wonderland unit. To get ready, students are reading all about Lewis Carroll and thinking about how the game of chess is symbolic to the ups and downs and strategies of life. Since Alice steps into a “looking glass” (mirror), they are also thinking about mirrors and the infinite paths and twisted dimensions mirrors make. Everyone had fun drawing Fun House mirrors, shattered mirrors. We will start reading elections from Carroll’s books this week.

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