Biography Essays, Wayne Theibau, Earth Science, and Flag Art

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Another busy week has ended in room 5! This week, while in preparation for our kiln firing next week in art, we learned about Wayne Theibau. His obsession with painting sweets seemed like the perfect theme for the happy kids in class. We talked about how the perspective of angles determines how realistic our drawings look. The students practiced on whiteboards several times until they felt confident enough to try with oil pastels. It was a coincidence that we made so many cakes on Ms. Starchman’s birthday. It made for an adorable picture!

We started a little project about Earth Science this week. Groups came together to discuss questions they had about their topics. Next week, they will need to research to find answers to their questions and put a slides show presentation together along with a skit.

Everyone has been working SO hard on their biography essay graphic organizers and over the last 6 weeks and they are finally completed. I am so proud of 5th and 6th graders for their unbelievable efforts on this. Their writing skills are soaring and everyone is excited to show off how much they’ve written! Next week, we will start writing our monologues in preparation for the Wax Museum.

Last week, we studied the American flag and discussed how American values are portrayed through its symbols. Emilee was excited that this lesson included Besty Ross, her Wax Museum historical figure. Students had the assignment of thinking about what ideals would be upheld in their own make-believe country. Everyone got silly and we had a blast. They look great hanging up!

Thank you so much to all the parents who have reached out about the kiln supplies. Your help means the world to all of us and half our fun wouldn’t happen without the support of the school community here.

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