Progress on Projects

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This week, we made a lot of progress on all 3 projects occurring in classroom 5. Students have been working very well on their biography essays and will soon be gearing up toward writing their monologues. After that, we will get started making props, gathering fabric for costumes, and rehearsing for the wax museum.

Everyone has made large strides in preparation for science fair projects. So far, Stuents have planned procedures, created their materials lists, finished researching, and developed their hypotheses. Starting next week, students should be gatheringing necessary materials and begin testing their experiments. It is important that parents help to make sure data is being gathered if experiments are being done at home. Thank you all for your involvement!

Planning for the making of our kiln took some excellent math skills! Ms. Swarth donated 20 bricks last Thursday, so we were able to bring them in and begin designing the kiln. We talked about surface area and volume using multiplication of fractions. We are hoping that in the next 2 weeks, we get around 20-30 more, and wire mesh to make our last ceramics project a success! When Ms. New berry and Ms. Becker came in, they showed everyone how to make whistles and rattle balls. By the end of the afternoon, everyone was whistling and a-shakin’!

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