Need of Materials For Our Kiln

By: Mikey, Liam, and Sophia

Dear Parents or Guardians,

Room 5 is planning to make a sawdust kiln. In order to do this we would like to have donations of thick sawdust (not the really fine type, we need more that are like wood chips), newspapers, small twigs, bricks or cinder blocks, and metal hardware mesh/cloth.  We are planning to do this at the beginning of February, so that means that we are collecting through January.  We will be making the kiln on site. For those of you who don’t know what a sawdust kiln is it is a place that you fire pottery in using the ingredients listed above.  We are doing this for the pottery class we have been taking through the Arts Council and it would be a good learning experience on how pottery is fired. If you would like to see the process you can go to  and watch the entire series. If you don’t want your child to participate in the making of fire please let Ms. Miranda know.  Thank you for the donations if you donate.

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