Science Fair, Wax Museum, and Catapults

Our first week back from break was a productive one. We got right back into the grind of things and every student is working hard already! We finished our catapult project and had a very lively competition. Jaden, Cali, and Samantha were the winners! They were also the most rigorous with their redesigning. They stuck with it- rebuilding their catapult THREE times until it was successful. Way to go!!

The major focus of our week, as many of you could tell already from the letter sent home, is the beginning steps of the science fair. We have been talking a lot about whether ideas are TESTABLE and have a real PURPOSE. As of today, just about everyone has developed his or her question. Most have been approved, and we will spend the rest of our week researching in order to develop a logical hypothesis and a list of procedures.

Another project we are beginning is our Wax Museum project. Each student has been given a person of American historical significance to research. Here are just some samples of important figures from the era we are studying: Phyllis Wheatly, Paul Revere, Deborah Sampson, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and John Hancock. We are working hard to complete an expository/biographical essay on our historical figure and as soon as we are done (DUE 1/30) we will write a monologue in the point of view of our person. Next, we are going to make props and put together our costume for our performances. We will be inviting the whole school to check it out at the beginning of March. If you have any clothes, actual costumes, or fabric scraps that would be great as costumes for this project, we would love to borrow them! 

Ceramics is going as great as ever. We were so excited to see Phyllis and Tiffany and get our hands dirty with clay again last Thursday. In morning language arts, we studied terra sigillata, and in the afternoon, the young artists made coil pots. This week we will be using the terra sigillata on our coil pots. We are also studying how to make a saw-dusk kiln so that we can fire our own pieces!

Check out some pictures from the last week:

image image_1 image_2 image_3 image_4 image_5 image_6

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