Character Study and Catapult Designs

By: Ms. Miranda

For almost all language arts lessons, our class is divided up into small groups since we are all progressing in different areas. The past week, however, we’ve had fun reading the same story and discussing its complex themes. Ray Bradbury is one of my favorite authors and I love bringing his writing into the classroom because it promotes such fantastic deep-thinking and discussion. “The Veldt” by Bradbury is a futuristic short-story that involves a family who gets too wrapped up into the world of electronics. The dramatic and heavy ending of the story left all students asking questions. Which character is to blame in the end? We spent a few days discussing each character and decisions made through his or her point of view. Today, we completed a group art project that ended our unit on “The Veldt.”

After hearing students’ interest in catapults, we’ve started an engineering project with the designing of catapults. Some groups have completed their catapults and others are finishing. All students have learned a very good lesson on the importance of redesign. The frustration level was getting high when groups learned their design did not follow the assignment, and therefore would not qualify for the competition in the end. Everyone is learning rigor through this small project! We’ve started discussing ideas for science fair projects and everyone should be ready to pick partners and have possible ideas for science project when we come back from break. 

Tonight is our Winter Performance and we all hope to see everyone there! We are singing a ridiculously cheery song and I am asking for all kids to come dressed in solid-colored bright clothes. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

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