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This week is our third week of pottery with Phyllis Becker and Tiffany Newberry. On the first week we made pinch pots. It was quite fun! On our second week we made slabs and this week we have made little clay creatures by scoring and slipping 2 pinch pots together. We make something different every Thursday.

Since the beginning of the year, our service learning project has been trying to plan and build an amphitheater made of superadobe earthbags. We are going to try to persuade the school board to let us do this. So, these past three weeks we have been working on slides to use during our presentation. We will probably be presenting next Wednesday.

A few days ago, we moved desks and switched jobs. We do this every month or so. This time, we have our groups positioned in long rows to make it easier to set up our classroom for ceramics on Thursdays.
We are about to begin studying the engineering of catapults. Next week, we’re going to be getting into small teams for a catapult competition. They will be made from popsicle sticks, pencils, rubber bands, paper clips, duct tape, and plastic spoons.
As you know, we have finished our colonial times history dioramas, but this week we have been doing make ups for the students who were absent the weeks before Thanksgiving Break. All of them are fantastic! Our next history project will be a Wax Museum project in which we pick an American Revolutionary historical figure to study and dress up as. Everyone’s excited to learn who they will get to become.
Ms. Miranda would like parents to know that reading logs have been looking better lately and have been coming in more frequently. She says thanks!
Also, we are in need of:
-Dry erase markers
-Expo Erasers
-2 nice electric pencil sharpeners (ours is on its way out!)
quite fun! And on

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