Oct. 20-24

Journalists: Ryan, Malte, Sophia, and Autumnimage image image image image image image image image

Yesterday, instead of our usual language arts routine, we did a spur of the moment research assignment on tomato worms. It happened because we were excited about the newest member in our class, Eva (she’s a tomato hornworm). We spent about an hour researching about tomato hornworms. We had a big share-out filled with great answers to all our questions. Then, we did a huge group art project. Ms. Miranda broke a picture of a tomato hornworm into six different parts. Each group used different mediums to complete each section of the drawing. Some people used watercolor pencils, watercolor paints, pastels, sharpie, paint, and collages. Then we put all six pieces together on the wall. Everyone thought it looked wonderful!
After our group art, our class also learned about food webs and ecosystems. We talked about the role of a tomato worm in the food web. Today we are going to play a food web game called “Into the Forest,” and our complete our group art bulletin by creating a class food web.
We have been slowly but surely accomplishing our dioramas. While we have been working on our dioramas, we are starting our price lists for our services products. Ms. Miranda will be showing us how to use a calligraphy pen and ink to make our store’s list. While we’ve been creating our dioramas, we have been going over the top by creating wood floors and fireplaces. So far, we are very far on our diorama projects and they will be complete soon.

In service learning, our planning for the amphitheater is really on its way! This week, we used homemade salt dough again to create a scaled down model of the super adobe we will using for building. More students seem to understand the process of building it now that we have made a 3-d version. Next week, we’re going to split up into groups to create sections of a power point presentation to try to get approval from the school to put this project into action!

A big part of our week was when we learned about eclipses and how sometimes they are full and other times they cover half of the sun. On Friday, it was a partial eclipse. Also, we made pinhole viewers so that we wouldn’t hurt our eyes looking at the sun. The next time it will be a full eclipse it will be 2017.

As you know, we got a pet bunny about two weeks ago (his name is Ace). We have recently started taking him out of the cage at appropriate times in class.

On Sunday, we will be having our 3rd annual Fall Festival for Sierra Foothill Charter School. We will be having it at McCay Hall this year. There will be a cakewalk, a pumpkin carving contest, games (with prizes), and a haunted school house. We hope to see you there!!

This week our Greek and Latin roots word was Dict, which is the root word for “speak”. For example,” contradict” means to SAY the opposite. We have been learning a ton of Greek roots.

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