Sept. 29- Oct. 10

Ms. Miranda’s class has begun a journalist club which is in charge of our class blog. It is a fantastic help to her because she has been getting behind on keeping it current!

Today, we had our second Greek and Latin roots test. This week we are learning about “Man and Manu” which is the root word for hand. For example, emancipate means “to let go or to free something from your hands.” We made skits and played Pictionary to help us study.

In our reading classes every Tuesday and Thursday we learn something new for a reading skill. Yesterday we learned about imagery, is when you can see a picture in your head while you’re reading.

During our writer’s workshop, Cali was the first student in our class that had her story published! It was a scary story where two sisters meet for the first time.


Math this week went normal as usual. Instead of math lessons today, we had our weekly Friday math games. Ms.Miranda recently got some new games for the class.


We started doing out science projects for our Life Science unit. Most of the students have started learning how to teach about their topic of choice. They’re mostly about animals, plants, and the human body. They’re slowly getting ready to present it to the class with some sort of fun hands-on activity.


Our  history projects this month is about colonial times and the trade shops that the people who lived in the colonies owned. First, we researched the businesses that people owned in the colonies.Today we made a floor plan for the design of the businesses that we will be making a model/diorama of. Next week, we are going to start the construction and if you have any shoe boxes that you will be willing to donate,please bring them in.We cant wait till we get to make play-dough on Friday next week.

Service learning

For service learning we are trying to convince the school board to let us make an amphitheater out of cob, adobe, or super adobe.So we researched about all three of them to figure out what the best product was.


This week we got a new pet bunny named Ace. He’s very cute and fluffy and he’s Irie’s old bunny.

On Wednesday, we moved seats. Everyone is pretty well organized.We switch seats every month.image image image image image image

Every tuesday we do reading buddies with the TK-kindergarten class. Some of us are having troubles with are buddies but most of us are doing great.We also do library on that same day in rotations. First one group goes to the kindergarten class and the other group goes to the library,then we switch.

Just today we started the journalist club .Every week on Friday we write activities and things that have been going on in the class.

Earlier in the month we drew and colored pictures of Yosemite flowers.Our inspiration was Georgia O’keeffe. We had a great time making them! We used pastels to color in the drawing. This week, we are learning all about Salvador Dali. We began a new art project yesterday. We are using his elephant painting as our inspiration and creating animals with exaggerated leg length.

Ms. Miranda’s notes:

Thank you all for ensuring your child is reading every night! Please keep it up 🙂

Any materials for dioramas will be greatly appreciated. Also, we really need black construction paper to frame our beautiful art pieces and white drawing and watercolor paper to continue with art!

Friday absences have been growing to an all-time high! Today we had 7 absent students, which really puts a damper on continuing with projects. Please try to keep me aware of when you plan to take a long weekend so that I can have your child research for projects at home.




written by:Ms.Mirandas journalist club

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