Sept. 8-12

Our first full week of school was a definite success! Our focus in language arts for the week was descriptive writing. We have been talking about how sensory words (words that make a writer’s audience feel, taste, hear, see, and smell) help to “set the scene” in writing. Becase art is the passion that oozes into the spaces of much of my teaching, we talked about how emotions are evoked through vibrant and dull colorful hues. Paint chips were examined and “meditated” upon.  Writers jotted in their journal. Although the class was silent, the buzzing and humming of creative thought rang through the air. I was so impressed to see my students’ writing skills grow within minutes.

The next day, we learned about how liberating poetry is. Commas, periods, capitalization rules were “tossed out the window!” Though writer’s block found its way into our classroom, as the little brat often does, most students overcame thinking obsacles and began writing beautiful poetry. Confidence is building in these young authors! Deborah Solenen, our local successful author, ended our week on a high note. She visited us, shared some of her descriptive writing for the settings in her novels, and answered questions very thoughfully. THANK YOU Deb! Next week, we will have our first “writer’s workshop” and begin reading the first novels in our book clubs.

Science has taken an interesting turn! I have turned all the learning into the hands of the learners… seems approptiate, right? Students are learning teaching techniques in order to plan lessons to teach the Kindergarten class. Each pair of 5th or 6th graders is busy lesson planning and studying concepts in order to become experts in their own unit of study. To name a few, some are going to teach about electricity, some are designing lessons around air pressure, some on gravity, and on some on light and shadows. Watching them use Chromebooks to research content and construct slide shows has me floored. I coun’t imagine how much better my school expereinces would have been if given the oppurtunity to learn the ins and outs of the capability of these crazy gadgets. Again, I’m looking forward to know what next week brings in Classroom 5!

Important Notes:

-Reading Logs (self-assessment and responses) are due every Friday morning. I expect thoughtful responses and writing that shows students reflected on their reading strategies.
-Letter to Ms. Miranda and the summary comic strip of “All Summer In a Day,” were due today (9/12). If your child did not recieve an extension on either of these assignments, they are considered late.
-Math Protractor art should begin coming in next Monday. They will be late after 9/17.
-Daily math homework will begin going home Monday-Thursday starting next Monday, 9/15.

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