September 3-5

The school year is off with a bang! It’s been a pleasure beginning to scratch the surface of getting to know my students and their families.  All of these kindred learners are great and I couldn’t have as for a better class my first year here. On the first day, after our first art project together, we thought about what we wanted to get out of our year together and from our classmates. Together, we created our “Classroom Constitution,” which contains our agreements. On Thursday, we read a short story by Ray Bradbury and students acted out the summary in funny, short skits. We also began our first science project: understanding air pressure’s relationship to lift and thrust with paper airplanes! Next week, after we’re finished with our back-to-school benchmark assessments, we are taking them outside to find the average of each plane’s flight distance. Designs of airplanes will then be improved, which will lead us into our first discussion of the scientific method and testing with variables. Though we were all exhausted after our first week back (teachers and students alike) I think everyone is happy to be back on a routine after our summer break!image image image image image




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